・ドメイン1(立ち上げ)3つのタスクが追加されました。 タスク2,7,8
・ドメイン2(計画) 1つのタスクが追加されました。 タスク13
・ドメイン3(実行) 2つのタスクが追加されました。 タスク6,7
・ドメイン4(監視・コントロール) 2つのタスクが追加されました。 タスク6,7
・ドメイン5(終結) 追加・変更はありません。






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PMP® exam is changing in 2016

Update: The PMP exam update has moved to 11 January 2016 to allow all stakeholders adequate time to prepare for this change.

What this means

A recently completed Role Delineation Study (RDS) provided an updated description of the project management professional role. Research included a large-scale survey of global Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders to validate updates to domains, tasks, knowledge, and skills. The RDS captures perspectives of project management practitioners from all industries, work settings, and regions. It serves as the foundation for the PMP exam and ensures its validity and relevance.

11 January 2016Last day to test under current version of PMP exam.

How the PMP® is affected

The five domains of practice for the PMP remain the same. However, tasks within each domain have been modified, added, or removed.

To view all the changes in detail, see the Exam Content Outline.

Exam Content Outline is final. Please check that you refer to the document dated June 2015 on page 2 to be sure you are referring to the updated version.

Here’s an overview of the newly added content:

Domain 1Initiating the Project
3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8
Domain 2Planning the Project
1 task added – task 13
Domain 3Executing the Project
2 tasks added – task 6, task 7
Domain 4Monitoring and controlling the project
2 tasks added – task 6, task 7
Domain 5Closing the project
No new tasks added


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